Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Gory stuff

Tired, tired and sore.

Long weekend, long hours at the flat doing DIY, this weekend’s achievements:

Tiling and grouting of kitchen floor (15m2)
Putting up the bathroom mirror
Sealing the bath to the wall
Replacing the old light switches (without electrocution this time!)
Tidying up of paint work (including repainting window sills)
Sorting front garden with neighbour
Sanding down the front door of the building to prevent it sticking
Sanding down the bedroom and bathroom doors to prevent sticking
Slicing bits of my finger off…….

Yep, my first proper DIY injury. In short, I was scraping dry excess tile adhesive from my kitchen floor when I “over-scraped” and cut myself a nice little flap in my left hand middle finger. It’s nice, deep, big and gory and yes, I have been showing it off at work. It’s so nasty, that even the people who would have said, “Does this hurt?” whilst jabbing it with a sharp pencil, have been reduced to going, “oooooowww”. Apparently, rather than wrapping it up in kitchen towel with some masking tape and then tiling the kitchen floor, I should have gone to A&E – but there was no way I was going to waste my whole Saturday there.

Ho Hum.

Saw Gomez on Sunday night with Mav, Doug and Claire (who organised it)….. Both Mav and myself rocked up not quite knowing who Gomez were but I was of the opinion that it didn’t matter, it’s all noise to me nowadays….. old man! Gig was pretty good, Claire projectile vomiting whilst squatting over the toilet after two pints was comical if not a little grim.

Saw Troy last night…… not very impressed, Brad Pitt who is usually a very good actor, really sucked. The story was far too Americanised/simplified/changed from the legends for my liking. Also, Helen wasn’t pretty enough ;-)

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