Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Magic carpets

And now, a break from our usual service and onto some more exciting DIY news…..

I now have carpets, laid, stretched, present and correct.

See, told you it was exciting. Now all I have left to floor is the bathroom, which should be a piece of piss after doing the massive kitchen. I’m pretty chuffed tho, the carpet man said that I’d done a good job on the kitchen floor and he’d pay me to tile his kitchen. *impressed*

One minor problem with having big thick carpets with underlay (underlay, underlay, ariba, ariba) – the sodding doors need to be trimmed down and re-hung. No major drama but I have to go out and buy a plane (the boring kind) because there is no way I’m scraping off half an inch from 3 doors including the front door by hand (well, the bits of hand I have remaining).

I can move in soon…..

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