Tuesday, 13 December 2011


This weekend’s activities……

Well, after 3 solid weeks of DIY, working nights, days, weekends, during my sleep, persuading my identical twin to go to work whilst I fix “stuff” and losing a girlfriend - I’m having part of a weekend off. I feel I deserve it.

Saturday morning is the DIY part, but Saturday afternoon is the Bergh annual summer braai. I must not get too drunk, I must not get too drunk, I must not get too drunk. The problem is that when South Africans get together, we drink, we really drink, but the idea isn’t to get shit-faced, the idea is to be able to handle your booze.

Sunday, oh Sunday. Sunday is one of the annual events that I most look forward to….. For the third year in a row, the IRB Sevens at Twickenham - an excuse to drink, watch rugby, enjoy the Fijian’s singing and stare at top posh totty and colonial ladies. I’m convinced that they get the whole population of New Zealand to fly out to England for this event, when they go back home they have a Planet of the Apes style situation where the sheep have taken over. Baaaaaaaaa. The South Africans will be there in force and as Mav well described, the reason we both like the South African ladies is because when ever you say anything, they always join in with, “yaaaaah”, we're bad bad boys.

So yeah, will be seeing Mav/TC et al and will pass on your best wishes. After the rugby we’re all going out in Putney, you have been warned.

It’s going to get messy. I’ve booked Monday off work.

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